11 Jun 11

Script to run an OpenId server.


  • Written in Perl
  • Utilizes MySQL
  • Written to run in Apache
  • Supports multiple users
  • Login and user pages are “templates” that are easily customized
  • Implements every mandatory message exchange in OpenID 2.0
  • Implements much of the OpenID 1.1 specification (“dumb” mode described in the 1.1 spec has not been tested)
  • Supports deployments that use HTTP or HTTPS
  • Password validation routine is separated from the login page to optionally allow one to use HTTP for identifiers, but HTTPS to actually validate the user password
  • Supports both (HMAC|DH)-SHA1 and (HMAC|DH)-SHA256
  • Entirely free open source with no licensing restrictions
by mlb