02 Nov 18

Article describing how to build a minesweeper game in Clojure

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06 Jan 17

“Clojure for the Brave and True” is a book and a collection of resources to learn Clojure

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03 Aug 15

Modern ClojureScript (modern-cljs) is a series of tutorials that guide you in creating and running ClojureScript (CLJS) projects.

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12 Apr 12

The following code snippets demonstrate how to leverage the openid4java library to communicate with Google and perform authentication via OpenID in a Clojure Ring/Moustache App.

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04 Feb 12

24 Jan 12

ClojureQL allows you to express powerful database queries through simple, elegant, Clojure expressions. Out of the box it compiles to SQL92 which ensures compatability with PostgreSQL and MySQL.

ClojureQLs strength lies in its implementation of the primitives defined in Relational Algebra which allows queries to be composed freely.

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16 Jan 12

Building a web application for log viewing using HBase and Clojure

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21 Sep 11

Distributed and fault-tolerant realtime computation: stream processing, continuous computation, distributed RPC, and more

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12 Aug 11

Learn Clojure the Easy Way?

No, there generally isn’t an easy way to learn anything worth learning. To the extent there is an easy way to learn Clojure, that way is simply to use the language to create something you love. You won’t even notice the effort of learning.

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20 Apr 11

4Clojure is a resource to help fledgling clojurians learn the language through interactive problems. The first few problems are easy enough that even someone with no prior experience should find the learning curve forgiving.

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13 Apr 11

Clojars is a dead easy community repository for open source Clojure libraries. It plays nice with Maven and Leiningen.

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